Directed by Amy Poux, YET brings in theater professionals to teach different techniques to our ensemble.  The following are bios of some of these performing arts professionals.

Amy Poux, Director/ Acting Teacher/Vocal Teacher

Since 1991 Amy Poux has provided artistic forums to young people and professional actors in New York City and the Hudson Valley with a goal of using theater to empower those who are silenced, and restore theater as a forum for community reflection and action.  YET is based upon Amy Poux’s 24 years of work in the field of arts education and professional experimental theater. Inspired by the work of Augusto Boal, Bertolt Brecht and the Open Theatre, this form of ensemble theater work is founded on the principals of the whole group having more force than its individual members.

Poux is also the Director of Education for the Film Society of Lincoln Center, founder and former Executive Director of Working Playground, Inc. (AKA: Urban Arts Partnership) which is an arts education organization that provides in-depth arts experiences to more than two-thousand children annually in the public school system. She has served on the Art and Design Commission at the New York City Board of Education and as a panelist for the following grants and programs: New York State Council on the Arts, US Department of Education, The After School Corporation, The Open Society Institute, The NYC Annenberg Challenge for Arts Education, The Center for Arts Education, and the Juilliard School’s Theater Arts Symposium and Festival.

As an arts-educator, Poux received an Award of Merit from the New York State Council on the Arts and has also been recognized by the New York Times’ Neediest Fund, The US Department of Education and the Consortium of International Arts Educators, and the New York City Department of Education.


Each year, YET also brings in a variety of theater arts educators, professionals, and technicians to provide programs in theater movement, filmmaking, playwriting, and vocal techniques.

Zev Pogrebin, Theater Tech

Zev has been one of the foremost theater technicians for the YET productions.  A formal member of the YET Teen Ensemble, Zev is a gifted technician who has brought ingenuity and expertise to the YET productions and supported our YET Ensemble’s vision and theatrical style to be brought to audience members in multiple theatrical venues.