Performing Arts Programs & Projects 2020

The following programs & productions have been temporarily cancelled due to Covid19 Pandemic restrictions. We will resume when social distancing advisories allow.

WINTER/SPRING 2020 SEMESTER! January – May 2020

In YET productions, every actor has the same size role. By removing status from a young person’s experience of performing, the freedom and courage that emerges make for theater that is multi-dimensional, high-quality, and bears the truths that only young people can tell. 

Enrollment forms provided when programs are in session.


Teen Rep members will work with and perform one play per season.  YETis will experience an immersive rehearsal process, and perform in a range of theatrical venues which will include traveling to statewide performance competitions. They will learn pre-professional performance techniques and hone the process of building a character, working with dialogue, and developing the world of a play as written by the playwright. 

YET IMPRO. (Middle & High School age)

YET Impro is for middle/high school age young people who want to focus on YET acting techniques and long-form improvisation. Actors undergo an intensive, innovative, ensemble theater process of developing original characters and plays and utilize a long-form improvisational process. This program will include a culminating original improvisational performance.


YET Jr. is an introduction to YET for young people entering grades 4 – 6. Here actors play theater games that are designed to build ensemble techniques, generate big joy and also cultivate foundational acting techniques for the stage.

YETis learn how to use long-form improvisational techniques to create a play as an ensemble. They will learn how listening and response leads to acting technique, and how to develop a three-dimensional character, and live fully in the world of a play as part of an ensemble group art-making experience.

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Equity Project


Fitting in is overrated.

DO NOTHINGS is a 3-part film series about “Tamarin” (they/them), a non-binary teen growing up in rural upstate New York.  Told in short form, each film segment draws us into Tamarin’s imperfectly vivid world.

Starting in 2020/2021, “Do Nothings” will be providing remote screenings and programs that support school communities to prevent discrimination and othering of LGBTQ+ young people.

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Part 1: “Do Nothings”

“DO NOTHINGS” part 1, is a 10-minute short film that introduces us to fourteen-year-old “Tamarin” (they/them) and their outsider best friend, “Alex” (she/her). The film takes place over one day and brings us into their bubble, an irrepressible escapade of dancing, vamping, gorging, and confessions. Torn between fitting in and forging their own paths, when Alex admits to vaping, it tests the strength of their friendship and the safe space the two of them have always known.

Part 2: “I’m Okay”:

STATUS: I’M OKAY will shoot in Ulster County, NY, summer/fall 2020 (Covid19 pending).

I’M OKAY is the second installation in the DO NOTHINGS series. I’M OKAY will be a 30-minute short that moves beyond the bubble of Tamarin and Alex’s friendship, revealing the world of Tamarin’s life – their blended upstate family, their faux “liberal” school, and how they deal with the othering that comes with being themselves in a slow-to-change culture. Using humor, wit, and real-life events, I’M OKAY follows Tamarin’s daily life and the shifts in perception that they propel in their rural town.

I’M OKAY champions the originality that exists within all of us and considers how we can honor our differences, savor our uniqueness, and create an equal space for those of us who dare to be singular, unique, free.

About High Meadow Arts, Inc.

YET is a project of the not-for-profit organization, High Meadow Arts, Inc. Founded in 2005, the mission of High Meadow Arts, Inc. is to serve diverse groups of young people with expansive, potent and vital experiences in the arts in our rural community. 

Sustained through sweat equity, funding and donations, High Meadow Arts, Inc. aims to champion those young people that are often underrepresented and provide them with an artistic path to their most exceptional selves.