Intergenerational Ensemble

“The theater, when it is potent enough to deserve its ancestry, is always dangerous; that is why it is instinctively feared by people who do not want change, but only preservation of the status quo.” — Hallie Flanagan, Federal Theater Project

After Life1


Intergenerational Ensemble does Flash Theater events – public improvisations that engage the audience, create connection, and foster community.  It is free to join for all participants and open to ages 17 to 90. 

Why do it?

From the work of Bertolt Brecht in Nazi Germany to Augusto Boal in the migrant fields of Brazil, and Hallie Flanagan’s Federal Theater project, theater has been used to agitate change.  The Intergenerational Ensemble aims to create social change through live theatrical spectacles that inspire community discourse and engagement, that aim to decrease social alienation, and provide a forum for hope, awareness, activism, and unity, particularly for marginalized citizens.


What is it? 

Intergenerational Ensemble creates live improvised scenes, in public spaces, that shine a light on the complexity of human interactions, and invite spectators to play along.  Actors of all ages populate stores, theaters, restaurants, streets and create short invisible Flash Theater scenes on issues that range from economic status to human rights, and ultimately consider the question of citizenry and societal membership.  As members of a shared society, what is our responsibility to other human beings? 


What’s next?

Intergenerational Ensemble hopes to forge change, awareness, and collective community voice across the nation through its Community Act initiative.  Interested? Email Amy Poux to sign up & join the experiment at: