Youth Ensemble Theater Programs & Trainings This Fall!

YET group 2016

Youth Ensemble Theater (YET)  provides pre-professional theater institutes for upper elementary, middle and high school aged students, and engages young people in a dynamic ensemble process to create and perform contemporary cutting edge theater that reflects the collective voice of diverse and divergent points of view and experiences.

The purpose is to narrow the space between life and performance, where young people can play as close to the edge in their art form as possible…And as our youths expand their view, they will revitalize our rural cities and communities with the voices of original artistic expression.

YET also provides training institutes where educators, youth theater directors, and group leaders can learn YET’s engaging approach to group building and social skills. 

GO HERE to learn more about our theater programs for young people or download and submit yet-packet-2017 to sign up!

GO HERE to learn more about our training institutes!

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