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One Act Play Series

TICKETS:  https://yetcloudsinmycoffee.eventbrite.com


On April 28 & April 29, come see this collection of short plays & sketch comedies – written, directed, and acted by the YET Ensemble.  

DATE & TIME: Saturday April 28th at 7:30 PM & Sunday April 29th at 3:00 PM

PLACE: Boughton Place Theater, 150 Kisor Road, Highland, NY 12528

TICKETS:  https://yetcloudsinmycoffee.eventbrite.com

SUPREME BEINGS by Mo Gaffney and Kathy Najimy FEATURING Gabriella Ferri and Trudy Poux. Directed by Cody Victor

MONUMENT by Bennett Fisher FEATURING Kaya Keller and Romany Stover.  Directed by Amy Poux

TRUDY, CAROLYN, MARTHA, AND REGINA TRAVEL TO OUTER SPACE AND HAVE A PRETTY TERRIBLE TIME THERE by James Kennedy FEATURING  Piper Levine, McCala McCoy, Isa Needham, and Coco O’Malley. Directed by Emily Rosakranse

FATE Written and Directed by Kaya Keller FEATURING  Isa Needham and Silas Schwartz

FOR ONCE Written and Directed by Silas Schwartz FEATURING Coco O’Malley , Piper Levine, Cody Victor

SO TELL ME ABOUT THIS GUY by Dolores Whiskeyman FEATURING Emily Rosakranse and Romany Stover. Directed by Amy Poux

SOUP & COMPROMISES Written and Directed by Trudy Poux FEATURING Gabriella Ferri, Piper Levine, McCala McCoy, and Coco O’Malley




What happens on the way to and from…?
An evening of completely improvised interactions in the car.
With Claudia Brown, Kaethe Fine, Fraser, Rick Lange, Johnny Poux
Directed by Amy Poux
Taking place at: Green Kill , 29 Greenkill Ave, Kingston, NY 12401
On: Saturday, April 21, 8 PM
Tickets: $5
DRIVE will be a singular live and improvised theatrical experience, never to be repeated exactly the same way again.
About “Drive”
DRIVE is Intergenerational Ensemble’s version of a short play series. Set in the confines of a car ride, each improvised scene will take the audience on a journey to or from an experience through the relationships of the characters on stage.
About the  Intergenerational Ensemble
Intergenerational Ensemble (I.E.) creates live improvised scenes in public spaces, that shine a light on the complexity of human interactions, and invite spectators to play along.  Actors of all ages populate stores, theaters, restaurants, streets and create short invisible Flash Theater scenes on issues that range from economic status to human rights, and ultimately consider the question of citizenry and societal membership.  As members of a shared society, what is our responsibility to other human beings? 
Most recently I.E. did a flash theater event at the O+ Festival in October 2017. Taking place at the Art Bar, in Kingston NY, I.E. installed a piece which drew spectators into a dysfunctional family restaurant that was being turned into a juice bar by the estranged son.  I.E. also did a piece during the 2017 Rosendale Street Festival at the Rosendale Theatre where spectators experienced the downfall of a theater production that flopped.
About Green Kill
Green Kill is an art and performance space now in its second year, located at 229 Green Kill Avenue in Kingston, at five corners where Green Kill Avenue intersects Route 32.
“Drive,” directed by Amy Poux and featuring Claudia Brown, Kaethe Fine, Fraser, Rich Lange and Johnny Poux will be performed at Green Kill on April 21, 2018 at 8 PM.  Ticket are $5 at the door. Seating limited to 45.


Youth Ensemble Theater (YET)  provides pre-professional theater institutes for upper elementary, middle and high school aged students, and engages young people in a dynamic ensemble process to create and perform contemporary cutting edge theater that reflects the collective voice of diverse and divergent points of view and experiences.

The purpose is to narrow the space between life and performance, where young people can play as close to the edge in their art form as possible…And as our youths expand their view, they will revitalize our rural cities and communities with the voices of original artistic expression. GO HERE to learn more about our theater programs for young people. 

YET also provides the Intergenerational Ensemble, dedicated to bringing together community members across barriers of age, culture, race, and gender to create FLASH THEATER events in public settings. Learn more about Intergenerational Ensemble HERE! 

In YET’s training institutes educators, youth theater directors, and group leaders can learn YET’s engaging approach to group building and social skills. GO HERE to learn more about our training institutes!

More questions?  email Amy Poux 

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