Youth Ensemble Theater GOES VIRTUAL & MULTI-MEDIA!

Learn about our approach in the new Y.E.T. video!

Welcome to Youth Ensemble Theater! We offer a broad selection of acting classes that enhance and expand young people’s acting and performance craft.


Youth Ensemble Theater (Y.E.T.)  is a theater institute for young people ages 9 to 18. Our theater programs engage emerging performers in a dynamic ensemble process to create and perform contemporary cutting edge theater.

This year, Y.E.T. goes virtual and multi media! Through a partnership with cutting edge cooperative media channel, HUDSY-TV, Youth Ensemble Theater will do Zoom performances that will be featured on HUDSY TV – expanding actors’ audiences exponentially and their techniques!

How is Y.E.T. different than other youth theater programs?

In Y.E.T. productions, every actor has the same size role. By removing status from a young person’s experience of performing, the freedom and courage that emerges make for theater that is multi-dimensional, high-quality, and bares the truths that only young people can tell. 

By being 100% inclusive – Y.E.T. plays reflect the collective voice of diverse and divergent points of view and experiences.

Y.E.T.’s theater programs provide a safe space for young people to play as close to the edge in their art form as possible.  The purpose is to narrow the space between life and performance, and generate exceptional theater productions that are as complicated, riveting, and dynamic as the group of young people who originate them.

Learn about Y.E.T. program offerings HERE.

Recent YET programs

Y.E.T. at Denizen Theatre, January 2020

“Black Friday” 100% Improvised Play

Y.E.T. at Byrdcliffe Theatre

One Act Play Series, May 2019

In 2019, YET presented two weekends of contemporary theater in the YET One Act Play Series 2019 at the Byrdcliffe Theatre!  This year’s One Act Series included 13 plays from award-winning playwrights as well as an original play by one of very our teen thespians. 

Y.E.T. Gallery!

About Youth Ensemble Theater, Inc.

YET is a project of the not-for-profit organization, Youth Ensemble Theater, Inc. Founded in 2005, the mission of Youth Ensemble Theater, Inc. is to serve diverse groups of young people with expansive, potent and vital experiences in the arts in our rural community. 

Youth Ensemble Theater (Y.E.T.) has grown into a pre-professional theater company, garnering awards from NYC Thespian Society (Best Play/Best supporting actress, 2019), NYS Theatre Education Association (Award of Excellence 2019),  American Academy for the Dramatic Arts (Featured performance/Youth Theatre Conference 2018) among others.  Y.E.T. plays have performed Off-Broadway at the 52nd Street Project and the Labyrinth Theater company‚Äôs Bank Street Theater (NYC), The Richard B. Fisher Performing Arts Center (Bard College), NY State & Film/Powerhouse Theater Festival (Poughkeepsie, NY), Boughton Place (Highland, NY), Byrdcliffe Theater (Woodstock, NY), and High Meadow Performing Arts Center (Stone Ridge, NY).

Sustained through sweat equity, funding and donations, Y.E.T., Inc. aims to champion those young people that are often underrepresented and provide them with an artistic path to their most exceptional selves.


Amy Poux is a theater and film director. As the former Director of Education for the Film Society of Lincoln CenterEducational Specialist at Stockade Works, founder of Working Playground (AKA Urban Arts Partnership,) she has been awarded for her design of in-depth, student-driven arts experiences for young people and intergenerational communities.