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YET middle Schoolers!

YET Program Offerings!  

YET offers a range of programs for students in grades 4 through 12 as well as for educators and drama specialists, to support the Social Emotional Learning in their school communities.

Youth Ensemble Theater Programs for 4th – 12th Graders

 YET Social Skills & Group Awareness Program: 6 weeks, once weekly

In the YET Institute, young people learn SEL practices and habits through an immersion in games, exercises and group-building activities!

YET Institute with Performance: 6 weeks, 3X per weekly  

In the YET Institute, young people create their own theater piece through an intensive ensemble building theater experience, which includes the cultivation of SEL practices as well as acting techniques for the stage.

YET Teen 2016

YET Teen 2017

 YET Institutes for Educators!

YET’s 1-day professional development institutes for teachers is a fun, engaging, hands-on session where teachers learn to use group-building games and role-playing exercises to support the social emotional awareness in their classrooms. Educators receive a YET packet with games and activities, as well as additional resources for their ongoing professional growth. 

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Founded in 2010, Youth Ensemble Theater (YET) is a theater program that supports young people’s Social Emotional Learning – through the serious study of ensemble acting techniques.  In YET, improvisational acting exercises, as well as ensemble theater games cultivate CASEL’s five Core SEL Competencies: Self-awareness, Self-management, Social awareness, Relationship skills and Responsible decision-making. Young people act out and move beyond the obstacles with which they are faced and learn to collaborate as a true ensemble. In this forum, young people’s experiences and voices are at the center of their work as they learn to listen well, respond thoughtfully and break new ground in their awareness and behavior.