Youth Ensemble Theater Program Enrollment Open!

THEATER PROGRAMS for 9 to 19 years olds – find them here!

YET offers three programs for young people:

  • YET Jr. – Theater improv and games for 4th – 6th graders.
  • YET IMPRO – Theater improv and games for middle/high schoolers culminating in an original play.
  • YET Teen Rep. – Our performance troupe – for experienced TEEN ACTORS (& some adults too!)

To learn more – visit our YET Programs page here!

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Next one February 1st!

JOIN here!

DATES: 2/1, 3/7, 4/4, 11 AM – 1:30 PM

In YET Games participants play classic and new games developed by Youth Ensemble Theater over the past ten years. Role playing, group games, improvisations, and more – come to one or more – there is no shortage of fun to be had!

Taking place the first saturday of the month – through April – this event will not only bring old friends together – it will inspire new friendships, community spirit, and big fun! It’s YET Games!

Come one, come all – it’s YET Games!

  • Keep your improv & performance chops sharp!
  • Meet up with new & old friends who have wit, charm (& might be the coolest people ever.)
  • Low commitment – Big hilarity!
  • No prior YET experience needed! 

$25 per session Interested?

What is YET?

Youth Ensemble Theater (YET)  is a theater institute for young people ages 10 to 18. YET provides pre-professional theater programs that engage emerging performers in a dynamic ensemble process to create and perform contemporary cutting edge theater that reflects the collective voice of diverse and divergent points of view and experiences.

The purpose is to narrow the space between life and performance, where young people can play as close to the edge in their art form as possible…And as our youths expand their view, they will revitalize our rural cities and communities with the voices of original artistic expression. GO HERE to learn more about our theater programs for young people. 

YET has also provided the Intergenerational Ensemble, dedicated to bringing together community members across barriers of age, culture, race, and gender to create FLASH THEATER events in public settings. Learn more about Intergenerational Ensemble HERE! 

In YET’s training institutes educators, youth theater directors, and group leaders can learn YET’s engaging approach to group building and social skills. GO HERE to learn more about our training institutes!

Ideas? Questions?  email Amy Poux 

SUMMER YET Acting & Improv!

This July, YET did a Summer Improv Intensive theater program at Summer on the Meadow. Young people learned acting and long-form improvisation skills, and were immersed in YET games, characters, and inventive situations that they enacted!

SUMMER YET at Kingston High School

This July and August, YET provided a theater games and media studies program to support young people’s social emotional development, group awareness, and create a strong foundation for rising 9th graders who are entering Kingston High School in the fall!

YET One Act Play Series 2019

In May 2019, YET presented two weekends of contemporary theater in the YET One Act Play Series 2019 at the Byrdcliffe Theatre!  This year’s One Act Series included 13 plays from award-winning playwrights as well as an original play by one of very our teen thespians. 

No More Monsters by Jess Honovich – Gabriella Ferri, Quinn Victor, Natalie Breedon

Italian American Reconciliation by John Patrick Shanley – Trudy Poux & Silas Schwartz

Liner Notes by John Patrick Bray – Piper Levine

The Memory Box by Chris Shaw Swanson – Natalie Breedon & Coco O’Malley

*Goodbye Charlie by Trudy Poux – Gabriella Ferri, Piper Levine, Coco O’Malley, Trudy Poux, Lily Raper, Silas Schwartz, Ella Ullman, Cody Victor, Quinn Victor

She’s Fabulous, by Jack Neary – Gabriella Ferri & Trudy Poux

On The Edge by Craig Pospisil – Piper Levine & Cody Victor

Home Front by James Duff – Emily Rosakranse

Absent Grace by Claudia Barnett – Natalie Breedon & Quinn Victor

Outcome by S.W. Senek  – Coco O’Malley & Cody Victor

Horticultural Therapy by George Sauer – Emily Rosakranse & Silas Schwartz



Amy Poux is a theater and film director. As the former Director of Education for the Film Society of Lincoln CenterEducational Specialist at Stockade Works, founder of Urban Arts Partnership, she has been awarded for her design of in-depth, student-driven arts experiences for young people and intergenerational communities.